Welcome to the 11th District: Birmingham, Michigan

On behalf of Indivisible 11th District: Birmingham, welcome. 

To learn more about the Indivisible movement and what local groups across the nation are doing, it's a good idea to take a look at where it all started. 

Select the links below to access the Indivisible Guide and to watch the Indivisible Video.  

Link to the Indivisible Guide

Indivisible 11th District: Birmingham 

A Local Perspective
We are group of citizens in the community concerned about the current state of politics. We want to make sure that Members of Congress are listening. 

The mission of the group is to oppose the Trump Agenda and to support and protect democracy.  

Indivisible values are inclusiveness, respect, fairness, and nonviolence.  

Indivisible 11th District: Birmingham is in the process of forming a team and structure that will amplify the concerns we have as citizens. 

Look for updates in this space to learn about:
  • Important policy news 
  • Policy makers -- the actions they take and the votes they make
  • Advocacy opportunities and events taking place in our area 
Refer to the Take Action and Helpful Links tabs on this website for updates and news. 

If you'd like to get involved, please contact us at:

Thank you